About us

Since its establishment, Eonlipids has strategically positioned itself to emphasize in utilizing and converting the locally abundant supply food resources into high value added and products by employing the latest food procesing technology available (microencapsulating/spray drying/spray cooling).

With a strong background in the local edible oil industrial, Eonlipids has developed a range of downstream products for palm and palm kernel oil, of which non-dairy creamer is a strong products as Malaysia is the largent palm kernel oil producer in the world. With state-of-the-art facilities such as rotary atomizer and atomizing nozzles, Eonlipids is capable of producing a range of quality sweetener powders like glucose, maltose and malto-dextrin powder to serve the regional customers.

At Eonlipids, we strive
to provide you food ingredients of the highest quality and safety